Are You in Need of Spring Cleaning?

Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning Doesn’t Have to Be Stressful!

Are You Moving? Are you attempting to declutter? It’s spring cleaning. Hell, it’s Wednesday morning and you’re looking through that pile of papers that lives on your counter. It’s time to purge all the junk mail, old tax returns, checks, medical records and bank statements that are exploding from the file cabinet making it impossible to file the NEW pile of documents that has currently swallowed that permission slip you happen to be looking for. Decluttering can be extremely helpful when you feel that your life is too much to keep up with!

Here at Covelle & Cohen we are firm believers in organization. When staging a home we are always sure to explain that a well kept home always tends to sell fastest for the most money. Your home doesn’t have to be the most stunning on the block, but a clean environment makes a BIG difference to potential buyers. 

Are You Trying to cut down on the it’s on the TO DO list? I am sure you made a good faith effort by purchasing that $59.99 Staples 8 sheet cross shredder. Let us help you!

We have a SOLUTION:

JOIN US… Saturday, March 25 from 9:00am-11:00am for a FREE document shredding event hosted by COVELLE & COHEN Greater Boston Real Estate.  Our friends from Highland Shredding will be bringing their professional, heavy-duty shredders to the Dairy Dome located at 474 Main Street, Stoneham, to help you get rid of those piles of papers!

Why? Let us sum it up for you…

  1. You can bring the kids to the Dairy Dome for muffins and donuts!
  2. Get your documents shredded while having a cup of coffee and mingling with the COVELLE & COHEN team.
  3. And feel safe knowing Highland Shredding is NAID AAA Certified which means they are certified in the shredding field and have private, unannounced audits to make sure they are shredding your stuff with the highest level of security


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