What to Ask When Looking to Purchase or Sell a Home

Purchase a Home

Are You Looking to Purchase a Home? Looking For a New Place to Call Your Own?

Buying or Selling a home is one of the biggest purchases you may make in your lifetime. You want to be sure that any purchase you make is the right choice for you and your partner/family. Knowing the right questions to qualify an agent is pertinent to selecting a REALTOR® that will guide you through the process.

I’m Courtney Herlihy, Director of Operations for COVELLE & COHEN Greater Boston Real Estate.  Being new to the Real Estate industry, but a self professed web-surfing-real-estate-junkie, I wanted to sit down with Erica Covelle, REALTOR® and Interior Designer, to uncover what questions a home buyer or seller should be asking and the answers we would be looking for.

Whether you’re looking to buy or sell in 2017 or years down the road I’m sure you’ll find value in this list of questions for when you’re in the position to hire an agent.


  • Are you a licensed REALTOR®? Have you had professional training?There is a common misconception that all Real Estate Agents are REALTORS®, but that is not the case.  At COVELLE & COHEN we are not only licensed Real Estate Agents, but part of the National Association of REALTORS®, a registered collective membership mark that identifies a real estate professional that subscribes to a Code of Ethics.  “Professional training” is an understatement!  At RE/MAX Leading Edge we are blessed to have some of the best support and training in the industry.  We encourage all of our REALTOR® friends to check out Linda O’s Bootcamp, just one of the many trainings RE/MAX Leading Edge has to offer.
  • Are you primarily a Listing Agent or a Buyer’s Agent? Do you have a team that can handle both and all aspects of real estate as well as the details.The benefit to the team approach at COVELLE & COHEN is that we have agents that specialize in both buying and selling.  While also having a Director of Operations our 5 person team is capable of handling all aspects of a real estate transaction in conjunction with providing white glove customer service preventing any detail from slipping through the cracks.
  • Can you provide a least three recent references?At COVELLE & COHEN we pride ourselves on our positive client reviews and testimonials.  We provide our clients with tangible reading materials, as well as, links to our website and FaceBook page where they can view personal stories from past client experiences.  You can tell a lot about who you’re going to be working with from reading reviews and ratings from a client’s perspective.
  • How many properties have you marketed & sold in the past 12 months?We successfully marketed and sold 68 properties in 2016 resulting in over $40 Million Dollars worth of sales.


  • What are your average Days on Market?In Massachusetts as a whole, the average amount of days that a house sits on the market (generally speaking) before signing a purchase & sale is roughly 70 days.  In 2016 COVELLE & COHEN averaged 33 days on the market.  We essentially sell your home in half the amount of time in comparison to the competition.
  • What was is the average ratio between your listing price & the final selling price?Every seller is crossing their fingers to get offers pouring in at their asking price or higher and COVELLE & COHEN can proudly say we average 103.3% list to sale price ratio, resulting in happy sellers!
  • Will my home be enhanced and what efforts will you use to market my home?WILL.YOUR.HOME.BE.ENHANCED?  That’s our forte.  As an Interior Designer, having a passion for design and eye for detail, it is my personal goal to make sure that any home that goes on the market looks it’s best.  I could go on forever giving you the inside scoop on how we market your home from start to finish to get you the most amount of money in the shortest amount of time, but no one wants to read a novel!  Give us an hour of your time and we can show you our presentation outlining what we do best.
  • Do you have a feedback system and if so, how does it work?We have several systems in place where we are able to gather feedback regarding our clients’ property.  Communication is important for the realtor-client relationship to work.  We note feedback we get from the open house and private showings, on top of that, we send weekly updates from our team regarding our marketing schedule and activity report.

Now that we’ve supplied you with the questions, ask yourself, can your agent answer these? …based on our answers we’re sure you know who to call!  😉