Organization Overhaul-Declutter Your Space

Organization Overhaul:

Being organized is not for everyone, but when it comes time to sell your home it’s essential to present your space in order for a buyer to envision themselves (and all of their belongings) comfortably fitting.


HOW do you begin this organizational overhaul??

Take it one step at a time and start with organizing the most noticeable areas in your home.

This means COUNTER TOPS, COFFEE TABLES, and any other FLAT SURFACES that may be accumulating a stack of junk.  If that pile of bills, magazines, and other items are in need of shredding what better time to get rid of them then at our free SHREDDING EVENT on Saturday, March 25 from 9:00am-11:00am at The Dairy Dome in Stoneham. De-clutter and you’re well on your way to becoming more organized!

In addition to throwing out unused items laying around, you need to craft a place for these items to temporarily live in as they continue to accumulate in the future.  Otherwise, the vicious cycle of counter-top clutter will never end!  One of our favorite solutions to creating more storage that doesn’t currently exist is to maximize the space by adding shelving.  Corner shelves, narrow shelves or even doors with shelves can add vertical storage for pretty much anything you need.  (Helpful tip:  Using jars, canisters and decorative boxes will help to conceal nick-knacks preventing a messy appearance on your new shelves.)


Once you’ve cleared the flat surfaces it’s time to dig deep into those closets!  Home buyers will look in your closets to gauge the storage space.  This is the perfect time to donate some of your clothes that you’ve been crossing your fingers would make a fashion comeback, but just hasn’t caught on yet.  If you haven’t worn it in two years, you aren’t going to wear it… LET IT GO!!! And you can feel good about it by donating it to the Salvation Army.  The Salvation Army will even come to your house and pick it up for you, so no excuses.  And if you’re feeling really ambitious (like me), color code your closet to make it appear more spacious, and visually appealing to those potential home buyers.

Now that you have tackled the two biggest areas in need of organization there’s no limit to what you can do next!  Work on your kitchen cabinets, garage, under bed storage, home office, linen closest… but if that sounds as exhausting as I think it does you could always hire COVELLE & COHEN Greater Boston Real Estate to stage and sell your home with minimal organizing on your own!  We can’t wait to stage, organize and sell your home!