July #BuildHerUp | Elizabeth Wallace, Elizabeth Wallace Wellness

Let’s warmly welcome our #July #BuildHerUp feature, Elizabeth Wallace!

Elizabeth is an empowering and inspiring life coach whose sole mission is to help her clients find joy in their lives. Having left her typical 9-5 job back in 2020, she began her coaching business in the middle of a global pandemic fulfilling her dreams and creating her own happiness, which coincidently is helping others find theirs, holy rockstar!

Elizabeth Wallace Wellness offers one-on-one sessions and group coaching, including yoga, encouraging the movement of your mind and body. What’s abundantly clear is she’s a pioneer paving the way and leading the path to the #JoyRevolution! Want to learn more about how she may be able to help you find your “joy”?

Elizabeth’s Pro Tip:

“You are in charge. You are the boss. You get to make the rules of your business (and life!), so make rules that FEEL GOOD to you. Don’t force yourself to work in a way that drains you. Find the schedule, environment, clients, and boundaries that support the way your brain and body work. Don’t work well in the mornings? Figure out a way (and there’s always a way!) to shift your work to afternoons and evenings. Think best while in nature? Make walks part of your work routine. Do you want to take a month off in the summer? Find a way to make it happen.

Your job as a business owner is to get yourself into a place where you FEEL good as much as possible. Because when you feel good, you show up as your whole self. And your business and the world need your whole self.

The same tip goes for goals, too. YOU get to make your goals, so think about what purpose you want your goals to serve: do you want goals to motivate you? To inspire you? To kick you in the pants? Choose goals that serve the specific purpose you WANT them to serve.”

Follow her on insta @elizabeth.the.joy.coach. She crushes the #instareel game by outputting extraordinarily influential and beneficial content and, at the same time, is the cutest new #BossMama on #Instagram to date!