Fashion Meets Interior

Sometimes we could all use a little creative inspiration when it comes to styling our homes. The way we choose to decorate a room can say a lot about our fashion sense too! Take a peak in your closet the next time you cant decide which color to paint a wall or which fabric you’d envision for your couch or side chairs. The patterns in your dresses and tops may even influence the rug or the pillows you choose. Covelle & Company is here to show you how to take outfit inspiration and transform it into home inspiration. 

Source: Pinterest 


Outfit Inspo:

Check out this simple, warm-toned outfit inspiration. This outfit brings together neutral and darker  shades. The burnt orange trousers add a pop of color that completes the look. This combination  is perfect for a casual afternoon lunch with friends or you could swap out the flats with a heel for a date night! We’ve pieced together this outfit with stylish and affordable dupes so that you can rock this outfit. 


Let’s break it down: 




Cropped sweater – Zara 

A cropped, simple sweater is versatile and can be paired with just about anything, depending on the look youre going for.




Slim Emmett Wide-leg Crop Pants – Madewell 

Add a pop of color to your outfit with these burnt orange slim trousers. They give the outfit a warm-tone and become the focal point of your fashion statement. 


Raffia Babboush Mules – Madewell 

These mules add comfort and style to your outfit. The lighter wash complements the neutrality of these pieces and pulls everything together. 

Pochette Accessories – Louis Vuitton 

You cant leave the house without a bag that complements your outfit. This classic Louis Vuitton  accessory is timeless and matches perfectly with the warm tones of this look


“The Kensington” Round Bracelet Watch – Nordstrom 

Wrist candy can be eye-catching. A gold watch is simple but grabs your attention and pairs well with this color scheme. 


After you have pulled together the items that will inspire the design of your room, its time to get to shopping. We have picked out some incredible,  eye-catching products that bring style to the space.! This living room and outfit  display a similar, warm vibe. The colors in  and tones in this room are inspired by the outfit. Find a trendy look  that you love and bring it to life in your home. Take a look at the products that we found really embodied the style we were looking for. Visit your closet first the next time you need some a creative way to design your space!



Source: Pinterest


Tulum Rattan Mirror – Kohl’s

This unique mirror serves as a conversational piece in the room and complements the overall look of the space. 


Mid-century Modern Ruched Barrel Chair, Burnt Orange – The Home Depot 

Playing with colors can truly bring a space to life. These burnt orange barrel chair’s add a bit of spice to the interior. 



Gold Chandelier – Amazon 

Who doesn’t love a gold chandelier? This beautiful, modern  piece ties the room together. 

Matte Gold Cabinet Drawer Pull – The Home Depot

Hardware is an accessory that can really modernize a space. Matte Gold cabinet pulls stand out against  dark-colored paint. 

Tan Malik Rattan Chair – Zulily

Rattan looks great indoors or our. Paired with white cushions, this chair gives the room a light and neutral feel. 

White and Black Textured Throw Pillow 

The patterns in your closet might look just as great in your living room! This textured throw pillow gives the burnt orange chairs some extra flair.

Ribbed White Ceramic Flower Vases – The Home Depot 

Every living room needs decor. Ceramic flower vases are minimalist and add an extra touch to any space. 


Benzara Round Shaped Wooden Coffee Table – Walmart 

A round coffee table is unique and modern. The shape opens up the space and invites you to sit down and relax. 



Off White and Black Ceramic Table Lamp – The Home Depot

Table lamps in sets of two can tie a room togethr and are functional too! 

Torrens Vintage Red/Cream Area Rug 

The color and design of this vintage area rug adds charm and warmth to the room and makes the burnt orange chairs really pop. Area rugs are timeless and might be exactly what a room needs to look and feel complete.


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