The pandemic brought on a need for sentiment, escapism, and comfort, so in came cottagecore, the trend that brought back fond memories of visiting your grandparents or taking a drive to the country surrounded by fields and nature. The world needed a safety net, which turned to when a simpler time existed. Cottagecore concentrates on a neutral palette, soft, muted tones, and draws from country life— picket fences, homegrown veggies, botanical elements, and linens!

This #CoCoInspo feature focuses on the tumbled stone floors of the country cottage. Typically used for outdoor spaces, these designers brought them indoors to create an organic aesthetic that encourages a healthy and relaxed lifestyle and a grounding effect of being close to nature.

With its traditional feel and neutral tone, the tumbled stone can easily be balanced with the modern finishes we know and love. It’s all about the balance, people! The time-worn look of these tiles brings warmth and charm to the stone-effect porcelain, a perfect balance for modern and traditional settings.