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What is Parisian Modern?

Persian Modern style is where art meets design, with clean lines, light neutrals, and soft features.

You don’t need tall windows, high ceilings, grand fireplaces, and ornate detail, but it is true to say that Parisian modern does celebrate all these fabulous features found in 19th-century apartments. The lofty proportions of the space are emphasized, natural light is maximized, and original features from moldings to fireplaces are celebrated rather than removed in pursuit of blank canvas-style beginnings.

The rich detail in the Parisian Modern look comes from original moldings, decorative plasterwork and ceiling medallions, parquet flooring in geometric patterns, and shapely suspension lighting.

Ornate over-mantel mirrors, often gilded and sizeable in proportions, are also typical of the look.

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If you’re looking for a way to incorporate this trend into your current design project, Parisian wall paneling is definitely the way to go. It can transform any room and make it look like a million bucks.

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Negative space is important in Parisian Modern style for these features shine. These interiors are airy and uncrowded, so focal points have the room to stand out rather than compete with a cluster of other objects.

A white backdrop is also key to the style, like in the photo above. Elegant features, furniture, and accessories are showcased against walls that are clean and pristine. They also reflect maximum light from the tall windows adding to the airy feel.

Even if your address is far from the city of light, the Parisian Modern look can bring easy elegance and a confident, timeless style to your interiors. It celebrates grandeur and ornamentation yet has a relaxed and lived-in feel.

Fall for the charms of Parisian Modern style this season.


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