#CoCoInspo | Fire Glazed Clay Tile & Terracotta

Subway tile has been in play since the early 1900s. It was used in the NYC subway system for the easy-to-clean surface, offering a sleek design with minimal grout lines. Soon enough, it made its debut in homes all over the country. As we all know, what goes around comes around. This staple made its way back to the mainstream design market and into people’s homes again around 2010. Over ten years later, we’re calling it.. we are officially over subway and making way for the new/old trends, hello 5×5 fire glazed clay tiles and those incredible terracotta designs! We see you, and we are ready for you! 

With something as classic and timeless as that, updates and variations will always come. Our #CoCoInspo this month showcases our favorite twist on that traditional subway tile! Bring on the textured, fire-glazed effect!

This artisanal spin to a basic glossy tile adds a captivating look to your backsplash or bathroom. The fire-glazed tile boasts a well-thought-out yet unexpected detail to any room. At the same time, terracotta makes it come back with a vengeance adding a warm earthy feel to any space. 

Are you hopping on this design bandwagon with us, or are you sticking with the same old same old? 😝

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