Unicorn Property! 🦄 How important is curb appeal to the sale of your home?! 

One of our latest sold properties, 14 Amherst Street #WilmingtonMA is a good indication. Covelle & Company successfully marketed and sold this beauty for 20% over the highest sold home to date in Wilmington!!!

Curb appeal is more than just how a house looks; it’s also a clever marketing tactic. What is curb appeal if not a type of marketing that aims to sell a home from the outside in? Expectations are set by curb appeal. If a prospective buyer likes what they see on the outside, they are more likely to look inside. When it comes to selling a home, first impressions matter. While improving a property’s outside may not be as thrilling as deciding what to do with the kitchen, it is more crucial in many respects. You want your property to have a “wow” factor at first glimpse. It shouldn’t, at the very least, turn off the vast majority of purchasers. The home’s curb appeal, on the other hand, should inspire consumers to investigate further.

When most agents shy away because there is no real comparable property to justify that dollar amount. Covelle & Co is there to recognize the unicorn 🦄 and accept the challenge!!! 💪🏻✨

The Unicorn Property: A golden opportunity to set a new record high for a town, paving the way for higher price points to fold into the market and boosting property value all around! 

Almost 90% of home buyers start their search for a new house on the internet. Having said that, if you want to spark potential buyers’ interest, you’ll need eye-catching photos that highlight your home’s curb appeal. Take many photos of your home at different times of the day for the greatest lighting and without any extra clutter like cars, bikes, toys, and so on. You want to present your home in the best possible light.

Improving a home’s exterior appeal will increase its value and speed up its sale. Homes are often valued based on the quality and amenities of the interior, making it difficult for financial institutions to determine how much curb appeal adds to the worth of a home. Properties with well-kept lawns and excellent landscaping, on the other hand, sell for 7% more than similar homes with exterior flaws or ugly front yards.

Have you been thinking of selling your home, want an agent who’s going to provide good direction so that you can obtain the highest possible return on your long-term investment? Covelle & Co. is here for you locally, nationally, and globally.. with connections and relationships with agents all over the world! 

The Best Ways To Boost Your House’s Curb Appeal

The lovely thing about curb appeal is that it’s simple to achieve with a few small changes. Here are six strategies to boost your home’s curb appeal:


Trees, Grass, and Landscaping

It’s pointless to devote your entire budget to the interior of your property if the exterior is a disaster. The quality of the lawn, landscaping and any other greenery near the front of the property should be your first priority.


The House’s Roof

In addition to beautifying the landscaping, you should assess the physical condition of your property, particularly the roof. Few aspects will either turn away or entice prospective buyers more than a home’s roof, despite the fact that it is not often viewed as the most beautiful component of a property. If the roof is old and just has a few years remaining on it, replacing it and trying to sell the house for a better price will provide you a positive return on your investment. Unless they are receiving a terrific deal, buyers will not want to pay out of pocket for a new roof after purchasing a home.


The Property’s Exterior

In addition to the roof, you should inspect the siding and exterior of the building. The presence of a filthy exterior should not be overlooked. Power washing a deck or your home’s siding won’t take long but will make a great difference.


Parking lot

The driveway is another outside feature that is sometimes disregarded. Your driveway doesn’t need to be replaced or resealed, but it shouldn’t be in bad shape either.


Front Door

What is the one thing you can’t seem to avoid seeing every time you go into your house? Your front door is the answer. Rather than replacing the door totally, investigate if a fresh coat of paint will suffice to bring it up to date. A front door in black or charcoal raises the value of a home by $6271.

Curb Appeal Tips!


We often don’t pay attention to the small details that make up our home. In order to attract the attention of potential homebuyers, use these easy and affordable curb appeal tips to upgrade your home! 


Walk Around The Outside of Your Home 


More often than not the small details of our home sometimes slip our mind. In order to see through the eyes of a prospective homebuyer, stand across the street or even take a drive-by of your home, to inspect details that may need to be upgraded!




Painting the outside of your house can be a great way to give it an updated look!


Plant a Tree


This can add life, style and longevity to one’s home and add to the curb appeal for a potential buyer. 


Add Flower Boxes 


This can bring a pop of color to one’s home and is relatively affordable!


Clean Walkways, Sidewalks, and Hardscape Areas 


Using a pressure washer to make sure that walkways and driveways are clean, can go a long way in the potential sale of a home!


Hire a Landscaper or Visit A Home Improvement Store 


If you aren’t an expert as to what would look good around your home, asking a professional for advice 0r help, is never a bad idea!


Light Up Your Exterior 


New light fixtures can increase function and style! 


Buy A New Mailbox 


While getting a new mailbox might seem small, it shows potential buyers that you care about the details and is a simple way to increase the curb appeal of your home!


Creating A Welcoming Entryway


Painting or replacing things like railings, doors, or stairs can increase curb appeal and draw attention to a beautiful entryway. 


Buy New House Numbers 


Nothing is worse than a potential homebuyer not being able to find your home because the house numbers are faded. This simple curb appeal tip, is a great way to ensure that homebuyers can find your house! 


Check Out More Curb Appeal Tips Here: https://www.lifestorage.com/blog/moving/diy-curb-appeal-tips-increase-buyer-appeal/ 



Behind The Transformation | 24 Grand View Ave


Come discover how Covelle & Company can help you sell your property.  As a seasoned realtor and interior designer,  Erica Covelle can take a property from distressed to daring. Designing, styling, and staging spaces is an art that takes a listing to the next level. Above you will see the inspiration for our latest project and listing, 24 Grand View. Erica produces her own designs, creating a cost-efficient renovation for the client to catapult and cash in on their well-deserved equity.


Luckily, Erica Covelle was born with the gift of making interior settings look fantastic. It’s what she loves most about her job selling real estate.  This talent (along with her experience as a professional interior designer and realtor) sets her apart from all other agents. She transforms “what it is” to “what it can be” while building equity and setting the scene to achieve top dollar numbers! Intrigued? Buckle up — we’re taking you through the design process of some of our most revealing transformations!  


Here are some pictures before the home has been designed:

Here’s just a snippet of how we transformed this home:



New vanity and some matte black hardware make this bathroom shine! 

Living Room


Hello chic modern decor.



From drab to fab — with new hardware and designer light fixtures! 

Master Bedroom


With brighter walls, less clutter, and a modern feel, this space really opened up.

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Thank you for looking at Designs By Erica.  Check out our Pinterest to get some awesome inspiration!

Designs By Erica | Broadway Master Bath


Erica has done it again with her exquisite eye for design and chic style, in creating this luxurious en suite master bath. This beautiful bathroom is home to the stunning 419 Broadway Terrace, located in Somerville. Each detail elevates the bathroom to make it feel like a little getaway in your own home. This space is clean, bright and paired with gold accents that gives it a contemporary flair. Let us introduce you to the gorgeous design elements that elevate this bathroom look! 


The first eye-popping look is the floating custom vanity. The light-toned wood perfectly complements the simple, yet clean white countertops and white-vessel sinks. The gold accents and faucets add a stunning look to this bathroom and only enhance the white space around and behind it. 



Adding a chic tile wall behind the countertops, brings out the clean and bright look of the bathroom. The side-by side silver accent mirrors, ties together and adds a more cohesive look to this gorgeous space. The grey geometric light fixtures, floating down from the ceiling, add a fun and modern element to the master bath. Paired with the grey hand towel, these light fixtures create a chicness that only heightens this space. In addition, the simplistic element of the decorative plant makes the room feel more complete. 



To finish off the bathroom, the flooring and walk-in shower enhance the look with magnificent floor-to-ceiling tile design. The flooring only enhances the space and ties together the look.


This en suite bathroom creates a contemporary, clean look that makes this master bath one of our favorite parts of this home. The whole of the master bathroom is flawless in every way. From the gold accents, white countertops, flooring and grey light fixtures, this space is yet another stunning Design By Erica.


Get the Look…


Interested in getting the look? Below are some items similar to those used to design and stage this incredible master bathroom.


Geometric Light Fixtures

We love these light fixtures! They are so elegant and chic!



Silver Accent Mirror

This is such a simple, yet sleek mirror that makes any bathroom stunning! 


Wall Mounted Faucets

This gold faucet is a nice addition to spice up any bathroom!


Vessel Sink 

This white vessel sink can add a unique element to any home! 


Modern Double Bathroom Vanity 

This spacious vanity provides style and comfort to any master bath!


Stripe Hand Towels

These are such cute hand towels, that would look gorgeous in any bathroom! 


Small Plant Decor 

Everyone can use a good plant!


“Designs by Erica,” part of Covelle & Company, helps clients transform their spaces into homes. Her soul mission is to evoke emotion and create demand. Erica’s attention to detail and style elevates appeal, assisting sellers and developers to sell more quickly and for more money. We would be remiss if we didn’t mention that this incredible renovation was made possible by collaborating with Lavelle Development. This fantastic company specializes in building and remodeling homes in the Greater Boston area. Keep an eye out for more collaborative projects from Covelle & Co. & Lavelle Development. A perfect match of design & development.

Looking for some inspiration? Loving these designs? Take a look at our Pinterest & Instagram accounts to get you kick-started on your own project!

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This Month’s #CoCoInspo | Something Blue

Something borrowed? Or just something Blue? This month’s CoCo inspo is all about being bold with Blue. Adding some color to your home can feel intimidating. With how fast trends move, you never want to feel like your space will become dated. We are here to tell you with the right color combinations, your home will remain classic. 

Blue has always been a classic when it comes to the world of design. What is so unique about blue is that each shade can say different things when it comes to your space. With all of the shades you can play with, you can bring a blue into any part of your home. Blue is considered suitable for your mind and body. When you see blue, you connect it to serenity and power. 

Take this custom millwork navy blue statement wall in 419 Broadway, Unit 4. This wall that runs through the living room and halls creates a theme of power and importance. When creating a statement wall, you want to pick a color that will WOW when you walk into the room. The darkness of the navy has that WOW factor while still looking clean and classic. 

There are so many other ways to use Blue. Use light blue for a more tranquil and calm feel, for example, using that in a bedroom or bathroom to create a sense of relaxation. Blue is here to stay. Be bold with your choices and pick a blue for your home. 

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