Simplicity and luxury live cohesively in this #designsbyerica master bathroom in our recently sold Redmond Ave home in Reading. Natural light fills this en-suite space to create a bright environment begging for relaxation. 

The oversized double vanity makes room for large farmer sinks and plenty of counter space for getting ready for the day. The piece is as functional as it is polished providing plenty of storage for all your needs. 


The simple black accents effortlessly contrast with the warm tones to complete this modern designer bathroom. 


Shop this room…


Interested in getting the look? Below are some items used to design and stage this stylish master bathroom.

Kenmore 72″ Double Bathroom Vanity Set


Bathroom Faucet


Hardware Set

Vanity Mirror



Eucalyptus Stem 

Broadway #4: Designer Condominium | Designs By Erica

In honor of the new year, let’s throw it back to the beginning of 2021 with #DesignsByErica!✨ From Erica’s Broadway project at the beginning of the year to just completing her very own kitchen this last week! There have been so many good projects to look back and reminisce on and this one definitely started the year off right! Let’s do that again this coming year, but even BIGGER!

Erica designed his spacious condo to be inviting and styled to perfection. Bringing some major drama with a statement wall made from custom millwork painted in Hale Navy By Benjamin Moore. This wall that runs through the living room and halls creates a theme of power and importance. When creating a statement wall, you want to pick a color that will WOW when you walk into the room. The darkness of the navy has that WOW factor while still looking clean and classic. 

Filled with chic designer finishes and lots of natural light, this spacious home invites you inside with a gracious foyer that greets you with a built-in designer mudroom detail, perfect for organization. Enjoy comfortable daily living or entertaining in the large living and dining rooms topped by elevated details throughout. This chef’s kitchen dazzles with classic white cabinets, accented with brushed brass hardware and surrounded by beautiful, super white dolomite counters, highlighted by a stylish tile backsplash. Premium appliances to test your culinary skills, and the open floor plan yields great entertainment.

Head to the impressive owner’s suite to find a king-size layout and a roomy walk-through dressing area with a spacious closet. Ahead, the tranquil en suite bathroom beckons with handsome large-format and herringbone tilework, a floating double vanity with vessel sinks, and a relaxing shower. Two large secondary bedrooms — one with a walk-in closet — share a beautifully appointed guest bathroom with gorgeous black matte fixtures. A custom ladder leads to a cozy loft that pools light to the main living area. It adds an architectural element showcasing both form and function, perfect morning yoga, and afternoon work from home sessions.

Gold hardware enhances a clean white space. An industrial style brushed gold faucet is a simple, yet eye-catching visual element in this kitchen.

Matte Brushed Gold Livingston Magnetic Pull Down Single Handle Kitchen Faucet with with Accessories

A statement chandelier is a thoughtful touch and creates dimension in this space.

Huyet 1-Light LED Unique / Statement Chandelier

This statement dining table pendant is unconventional and creative, giving this home a contemporary vibe.

Archer 6 - Light Sputnik Modern Linear Chandelier



Here are some before photos of Broadway Unit 4!


















Living Room

















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Unicorn Property! 🦄 How important is curb appeal to the sale of your home?! 

One of our latest sold properties, 14 Amherst Street #WilmingtonMA is a good indication. Covelle & Company successfully marketed and sold this beauty for 20% over the highest sold home to date in Wilmington!!!

Curb appeal is more than just how a house looks; it’s also a clever marketing tactic. What is curb appeal if not a type of marketing that aims to sell a home from the outside in? Expectations are set by curb appeal. If a prospective buyer likes what they see on the outside, they are more likely to look inside. When it comes to selling a home, first impressions matter. While improving a property’s outside may not be as thrilling as deciding what to do with the kitchen, it is more crucial in many respects. You want your property to have a “wow” factor at first glimpse. It shouldn’t, at the very least, turn off the vast majority of purchasers. The home’s curb appeal, on the other hand, should inspire consumers to investigate further.

When most agents shy away because there is no real comparable property to justify that dollar amount. Covelle & Co is there to recognize the unicorn 🦄 and accept the challenge!!! 💪🏻✨

The Unicorn Property: A golden opportunity to set a new record high for a town, paving the way for higher price points to fold into the market and boosting property value all around! 

Almost 90% of home buyers start their search for a new house on the internet. Having said that, if you want to spark potential buyers’ interest, you’ll need eye-catching photos that highlight your home’s curb appeal. Take many photos of your home at different times of the day for the greatest lighting and without any extra clutter like cars, bikes, toys, and so on. You want to present your home in the best possible light.

Improving a home’s exterior appeal will increase its value and speed up its sale. Homes are often valued based on the quality and amenities of the interior, making it difficult for financial institutions to determine how much curb appeal adds to the worth of a home. Properties with well-kept lawns and excellent landscaping, on the other hand, sell for 7% more than similar homes with exterior flaws or ugly front yards.

Have you been thinking of selling your home, want an agent who’s going to provide good direction so that you can obtain the highest possible return on your long-term investment? Covelle & Co. is here for you locally, nationally, and globally.. with connections and relationships with agents all over the world! 

The Best Ways To Boost Your House’s Curb Appeal

The lovely thing about curb appeal is that it’s simple to achieve with a few small changes. Here are six strategies to boost your home’s curb appeal:


Trees, Grass, and Landscaping

It’s pointless to devote your entire budget to the interior of your property if the exterior is a disaster. The quality of the lawn, landscaping and any other greenery near the front of the property should be your first priority.


The House’s Roof

In addition to beautifying the landscaping, you should assess the physical condition of your property, particularly the roof. Few aspects will either turn away or entice prospective buyers more than a home’s roof, despite the fact that it is not often viewed as the most beautiful component of a property. If the roof is old and just has a few years remaining on it, replacing it and trying to sell the house for a better price will provide you a positive return on your investment. Unless they are receiving a terrific deal, buyers will not want to pay out of pocket for a new roof after purchasing a home.


The Property’s Exterior

In addition to the roof, you should inspect the siding and exterior of the building. The presence of a filthy exterior should not be overlooked. Power washing a deck or your home’s siding won’t take long but will make a great difference.


Parking lot

The driveway is another outside feature that is sometimes disregarded. Your driveway doesn’t need to be replaced or resealed, but it shouldn’t be in bad shape either.


Front Door

What is the one thing you can’t seem to avoid seeing every time you go into your house? Your front door is the answer. Rather than replacing the door totally, investigate if a fresh coat of paint will suffice to bring it up to date. A front door in black or charcoal raises the value of a home by $6271.

Buying & Selling Your Home During the Holidays | Buyer-Seller Tips

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You might soon notice your neighbors removing “For Sale” signs and replacing them with Christmas lights. Buyers and sellers often take a break over the holidays to recuperate for the new year. However, there are a number of reasons why being active during a winter slowdown can be beneficial.

As more properties become available in the spring, most buyers come out of hiding and begin their house quest. However, starting your property hunt during the holidays can provide you with more freedom – and possibilities.

Here are some reasons why buying now might be a good idea.

1. There is less competition.
If you’ve been discouraged by this summer’s bidding battles, the holidays might be the time for you. While buyer activity has been high for the majority of the year, thanks to historically low mortgage rates that make homebuying more accessible, traffic is expected to drop in the coming months. You’ll have more options because there will be fewer purchasers pounding on the doors of potential listings.

2. More time to look for a home.
Buyers have been obliged to act quickly because the market has been so on fire. Now you may relax and devote a bit more time to finding the ideal home with all of your desired features. Finish your Christmas shopping online and use your fall and winter vacation time to visit and narrow down a shortlist of your favorite homes.

3. Interest rates that are lower.
While many homebuyers anticipate to take a break over the holidays and resume their search in the spring, savvy purchasers, such as yourself, know that now is the best time to take advantage of historically low rates before they rise. Purchasing now rather than later might save you roughly $1,500 each year. It’s worth noting that December is widely regarded as the best month for finding a decent deal on a home.

4. Negotiation potential.
Negotiations have fallen by the wayside in this seller’s market. When you combine that with low inventory, it’s no surprise that sellers have got the upper hand. This disparity is expected to even out over the holidays. Because there are fewer active bidders, there are less feeding frenzys on available properties, and sellers may be more likely to bargain on price, contract terms, and closing date.

5. Tax breaks at the end of the year.
Another benefit for purchasers: end-of-year house purchases allow buyers to take advantage of a significant tax deduction. On principal properties, homeowners can deduct up to $750,000 in mortgage interest, as well as up to $10,000 in combined local, state, and property tax deductions. In some areas, other homeowner-friendly deductions, such as moving fees, may also apply.

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Spring is the season when most homes go on the market, prepping for the hustle and bustle of summer. Home sellers who stay on the market in the fall and winter — or newly list their properties — can often become a hot commodity.

Here are some major advantages you can expect when selling your home during the holidays.

1. There is significantly less competition.
Housing supply has been famously scarce. Despite this, buyer activity has remained robust since rates have remained so low, fostering unparalleled affordability. So, as a seller, what does this mean for you? Selling your house around the holidays, when inventory is even lower, thins out your competition tremendously. You’ll be the large fish in a small pond, with (many) more nibbles on your tail.

2. Buyers who are highly driven.
Due to low inventory, many homebuyers may act swiftly – and close quickly, which is to your benefit. Because the housing market is generally slower over the holidays, loan officers are more likely to approve and close qualified purchasers sooner. It’s much better if you reside somewhere with a warmer temperature. In the fall and winter, warm-weather markets like Phoenix and Miami are still hot sellers.

3. Realtors that are extremely motivated.
Your realtor may have the time — and the ingenuity — to make your listing stand out even more during the seasonal slowdown. When selling your property during the holidays, an agent who is working extra time may put more care into photography and staging, or they may give out freebies at a winter open house. If you haven’t found a realtor you like, ask your loan officer for a recommendation.

4. Interest rates that are lower.
Mortgage rates are still historically low, but they’re predicted to gradually rise by the end of the year. This presents a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for homebuyers to save money by acting now rather than waiting until next year. Cheaper interest rates translate to lower monthly mortgage payments, which can tempt more buyers to buy, as well as benefit you when you sell and buy your next home.

5. More time to look for a home.
With time off from school and work, enthusiastic customers have more time on their hands. They’ll be pulled to your property not just by its winter wonderland-like curb appeal, complete with dazzling Christmas lights, but also by the time they’ll have to look at listings and attend holiday-themed open houses. Additionally, non-U.S. purchasers who do not adhere to the same calendar may be interested in purchasing.

Curb Appeal Tips!


We often don’t pay attention to the small details that make up our home. In order to attract the attention of potential homebuyers, use these easy and affordable curb appeal tips to upgrade your home! 


Walk Around The Outside of Your Home 


More often than not the small details of our home sometimes slip our mind. In order to see through the eyes of a prospective homebuyer, stand across the street or even take a drive-by of your home, to inspect details that may need to be upgraded!




Painting the outside of your house can be a great way to give it an updated look!


Plant a Tree


This can add life, style and longevity to one’s home and add to the curb appeal for a potential buyer. 


Add Flower Boxes 


This can bring a pop of color to one’s home and is relatively affordable!


Clean Walkways, Sidewalks, and Hardscape Areas 


Using a pressure washer to make sure that walkways and driveways are clean, can go a long way in the potential sale of a home!


Hire a Landscaper or Visit A Home Improvement Store 


If you aren’t an expert as to what would look good around your home, asking a professional for advice 0r help, is never a bad idea!


Light Up Your Exterior 


New light fixtures can increase function and style! 


Buy A New Mailbox 


While getting a new mailbox might seem small, it shows potential buyers that you care about the details and is a simple way to increase the curb appeal of your home!


Creating A Welcoming Entryway


Painting or replacing things like railings, doors, or stairs can increase curb appeal and draw attention to a beautiful entryway. 


Buy New House Numbers 


Nothing is worse than a potential homebuyer not being able to find your home because the house numbers are faded. This simple curb appeal tip, is a great way to ensure that homebuyers can find your house! 


Check Out More Curb Appeal Tips Here: