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Covelle & Co. is a dynamic collective designing real estate success with a proven hybrid approach, encompassing unrivaled design expertise, an exceptional multi-faceted team and unparalleled network. Led by industry powerhouse Erica Covelle, the group crafts winning strategies that deliver consistent results for buyers, sellers and developers across Greater Boston.

Backed by 15 years of real estate experience and Erica’s extensive interior design background, Covelle & Co. drives substantial value for clients. Their studied approach filters current trends and aesthetics through the lens of ROI to capture huge gains with the smallest outlay. And with Compass Concierge available to cover all upfront costs, sellers have never been better equipped to maximize their returns. This exceptional vision also allows buyers to enjoy an instant equity boost while creating a home of style and substance.

By offering a robust, multi-talented team of agents and marketing experts, and by collaborating with the best photographers, videographers and writers, Covelle & Co. becomes the architect of smart and seamless real estate transactions. Their finely cultivated industry connections elevate off-market deals in even the tightest market conditions, and their design-centered approach frequently earns the attention of the Boston Globe and trade press. By leveraging exposure through their custom social media suite, Covelle & Co. also unleashes the power of more than 15,000 micro-influencers across channels.

Combining vision, intelligence and heart, Covelle & Co. is an outstanding choice for designing your real estate success.

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