Buyer's Guide

Owning a HOME is the keystone of wealth — both financial, affluence and emotional security.

We are a team of full time reputable REALTORS that embody both tenure and experience. Our team dynamic ensures you will always have someone available for your services.

We set a face to face meeting with prospective buyers to go over of the nuances of purchasing a home in today’s market and ensure the client of our professionalism. Even if its not your first time, our meeting is a crucial part of the process, it helps to determine ones needs, wants & expectations.

An Iron Clad Pre approval letter is needed for a winning offer. Getting pre approved helps you to determine what can you afford buy more over what are you comfortable paying.


Be on the same page as your partner & have realistic expectations.

It has been proven time and time again that the more focused you lens in where you want to be the better. Home buying is a process of elimination

We can help you to understand and know what projects yield equity, we coach you to buy the house with wall paper and shag rug because we knows that were we find equity. Don’t be a superficial buyer, taking our approach here is where we help you to save money.

We have strategies as well as processes and procedures to help your offer rise above the rest even in the most competitive markets.

Your new home will have Mold, Termites, out of date electrical, Asbestos, Radon, drafty windows, and old roof and a basement that floods. THEY ARE FIXABLE! 

Signed within 10-14 days. This is the formalized contract that details the Offer the Purchase. Now is when your remaining 5% deposit is due, less your original GFD.

When the bank will confirm that they have received all the necessary paperwork to complete the process of your loan, they will also confirm that your financial status still remains the same as it did when you began the process… so please don’t do anything crazy, no buying a new car, furniture, opening new credit cards until the deal is done.

The lender usually issues a mortgage commitment within 3 weeks of signing the P&S.

As skilled agents will help you evaluate if the home is in the promised condition.

This happens typically around 45-60 days after the signing of the P&S. The closing is held at attorney’s office, or office or Registry of Deeds. Today your remaining funds will be due. There will be a lot of signing so bring your writing hand! As soon as the deed to your new is registered, you can consider yourself its official homeowner!

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We are the wedding planners of real estate; our white-glove service offers a team of experts that provide our clients with the resources they need to buy or sell, ensuring all details are managed and cared for along the way.

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