We are proud to introduce this month’s #BuildHerUp nomination, Samantha Stumpo. Sweet Sammy is not only one of the world’s most genuine beautiful humans, but simultaneously, she dominates the worlds in which she was born and bred, both real estate & construction. With no shortage of experience, Samantha has been working alongside her iconic mom since her teenage years. Cindy Stumpo is one of Boston’s most well-known woman builders, also known for her HGTV Show “Tough As Nails”. Holy apprenticeship, it’s no wonder Sammy is a force to be reckoned with! 

This beauty has since created a path of her own as the owner and founder of Newbrook Realty Group, specializing in luxury real estate. Samantha’s a powerful woman taking her career to new levels with the strength her mama gave her!

Together, Samantha & Cindy co-host the “Cindy Stumpo is Tough as Nails” radio show. Check them out sometime.