Welcoming our February #BuildHerUp nomination: Gina DiStefano, @gpdistefano @buybombshelpmoms! Gina is the CEO of the brand Mom Bomb. They are passionate women on a mission for moms, supporting this mission by bringing top-shelf bath products to the market. They give everything they make from each purchase, every dollar of profit, to their charity – Mom Bomb Giving Organization. They recognize that Moms give 100%, so they do too. Mom Bomb embodies tribe mentality through empowering and restoring women across the spectrum of motherhood. No one is excluded based on age, income, lifestyle, or affiliation. To them, every mom is critical in shaping the future. Every crisis is valid and every mom is worth helping.

“Tribe mentality is the human tendency to seek out and connect with like-minded people who share common interests, beliefs, or habits. At Mom Bomb, our tribe is moms, and we get up every day to serve our tribe. Beyond helping individuals, we are building community through social media to foster a tribe of empowered women. This community is collaborative, vibrant, and expanding daily.”

Their all-natural bath products are the perfect gift for yourself, teachers, co-workers, friends, family, and everyone on your list! Every donation comes with a product of your choice, so go ahead and splurge knowing that your purchase funds a 501c3 charity helping mothers in crisis.

Ginas’ pro-tip:

“The fastest way to the desired outcome is to be willing to have uncomfortable conversations along the way.”

Mom Bomb Giving Organization

“Mom Bomb Giving Organization was founded on the belief that all moms, regardless of socioeconomic status, age, ethnicity, or culture, face similar challenges. We love our children, but we have days where we want to pull our hair out, hide in the bathroom and cry, or teleport ourselves to “anywhere but here.” Life’s daily struggles keep us on our toes, but how do we manage if we are dealing with an unexpected illness, job loss, or any other situation that places us in immediate distress?

At Mom Bomb, we recognize that life is not like a Hallmark movie. Instead, we acknowledge that it is not only normal to feel overwhelmed, lonely, tired, and scared, but it is OKAY. That’s where we come in.

Mom Bomb is an army of moms committed to helping each other thrive. In times of distress, we provide moms with support to stem the tide and help them navigate a crisis. In other words, we give moms a chance to catch their breath.”

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Information for Mom Bombs here at buybombshelpmoms.com