A warm welcome to our June Build Her Up nomination: Nancy Zhou from @silverwhiskbakeshop

Nancy is the Founder of the Silver Whisk Bake Shop, an online bake shop specializing in handcrafted cakes and confections. 

Nancy’s initial struggles in the infancy of her business had her wishing she had someone as a north star. From that void, having gone through it all, she has founded a consulting and mentoring program for bakers like herself looking to start their own home or online bakery, as well as those struggling with the day-to-day task of owning a small company and wearing all the hats!

Nancy’s pro-tip:

✨” Build confidence by taking action. Define your goal (dream bigger), and then create a step-by-step plan for how you’ll accomplish your goal. Focus on completing one small step at a time and be flexible because life happens! Surround yourself with support and helpful resources because you’ll need it. It’ll be a challenging and uncomfortable process but extremely rewarding. With every step you complete, you’ll be stronger, and so will your business. You CAN do it.”

Awarded the 2020 Best Cakes recognition from the Best of Boston, Nancy takes immense care and time to ensure her products are nothing but the best for her clients while simultaneously delivering understated elegance and surprising flavors. In addition to her stunning cakes and petite fours, Nancy also offers unique chocolate bars inspired by the flavors of her childhood growing up as a Chinese kid in America.

One thing is clear: Nancy is a multi-talented artist who is virtuous in her work. Her generosity in sharing knowledge with what could otherwise be looked at as competitors is admirable, to say the very least.   Nancy is the perfect candidate for our 2+ year Build Her Up campaign, acknowledging her accomplishments as she is the definition of our #BuildHerUp movement.


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