Curb Appeal Tips!

Curb Appeal Tips!

We often don’t pay attention to the small details that make up our home. In order to attract the attention of potential homebuyers, use these easy and affordable curb appeal tips to upgrade your home!

Walk Around The Outside of Your Home

More often than not the small details of our home sometimes slip our mind. In order to see through the eyes of a prospective homebuyer, stand across the street or even take a drive-by of your home, to inspect details that may need to be upgraded!


Painting the outside of your house can be a great way to give it an updated look!

Plant a Tree

This can add life, style and longevity to one’s home and add to the curb appeal for a potential buyer.

Add Flower Boxes

This can bring a pop of color to one’s home and is relatively affordable!

Clean Walkways, Sidewalks, and Hardscape Areas

Using a pressure washer to make sure that walkways and driveways are clean, can go a long way in the potential sale of a home!

Hire a Landscaper or Visit A Home Improvement Store

If you aren’t an expert as to what would look good around your home, asking a professional for advice 0r help, is never a bad idea!

Light Up Your Exterior

New light fixtures can increase function and style!

Buy A New Mailbox

While getting a new mailbox might seem small, it shows potential buyers that you care about the details and is a simple way to increase the curb appeal of your home!

Creating A Welcoming Entryway

Painting or replacing things like railings, doors, or stairs can increase curb appeal and draw attention to a beautiful entryway.

Buy New House Numbers

Nothing is worse than a potential homebuyer not being able to find your home because the house numbers are faded. This simple curb appeal tip, is a great way to ensure that homebuyers can find your house!
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