#CocoInspo | Romantic Textures

#CocoInspo | Romantic Textures

Studio McGee has foreseen a captivating trend this year – romantic materials and textures that bring a feminine and warm touch to home designs. By incorporating elements like fluted, reeded, scalloped, ribbed, and lace textures, you can elevate the ambiance of any space and even breathe life into minimalist color palettes. These exquisite features soften homes and elevate the standard of every room. Our interior designer, Erica Covelle, has taken inspiration from this trend and carefully selected stunning pendants for her kitchen island, reminiscent of a graceful ballerina in the Nutcracker. Let's explore how you can embrace this trend and add delicate femininity to your home.

  1. Softening Homes with Romantic Textures: Introduce the enchanting charm of fluted, reeded, scalloped, ribbed, and lace textures into your living spaces. These textures possess a unique ability to create a feeling of warmth and depth, transforming the atmosphere of any room. From walls and furniture to decorative elements, incorporating these textures will infuse your home with a romantic aura.

  2. Elevating Minimalist Color Palettes: Even if your home features a minimal color palette, incorporating romantic textures can add dimension and visual interest. The subtle play of light and shadow on these textured surfaces will create a captivating visual effect, breathing life into otherwise simple color schemes.

  3. Delicate Femininity: Erica Covelle's Pendant Inspiration: Our very own interior designer, Erica Covelle, has embraced this trend with her choice of breathtaking pendants for the kitchen island. Drawing inspiration from the graceful movements of a ballerina in the Nutcracker, these pendants will infuse her kitchen with delicate femininity. Stay tuned to witness the transformation as these pendants are installed in her stunning new kitchen.

Embrace the Studio McGee-inspired trend of romantic materials and textures to add a touch of femininity and warmth to your home. Incorporate fluted, reeded, scalloped, ribbed, and lace textures to soften your living spaces and elevate even the most minimal color palettes. Take inspiration from our own interior designer, Erica Covelle, who has carefully selected pendants reminiscent of a Nutcracker ballerina to add a perfect delicate touch to her kitchen island. Join the trend and create a romantic and inviting ambiance in your own living spaces.

One of our favorite uses of this trend is picture frame molding! The texture adds depth to your walls in the simplest of ways. 
This classic farmhouse dining room is perfectly complemented by the romantic vibe from Pottery Barn’s Lucca chandelier.

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