Behind The Transformation — 56 Brookbridge Road

From the distressed to the daring, every property contains a great deal of potential.  Believe us — small changes make a huge difference when it comes time to sell. Did you know? Average real estate agents will dramatically discount a house based on poor appearance because they, like many buyers, can’t see the transformation possibilities underneath the clutter and outdated decor.

Luckily, our Erica Covelle was born with a gift of making things look fantastic. It’s what she loves most about her job selling real estate, and it’s this talent (and experience as a professional interior designer) that sets her apart from all other agents. She transforms “what it is” to “what it can be,” building equity and setting the scene to achieve top dollar numbers! Intrigued? Buckle up — we’re taking you “Behind the Transformation” at 56 Brookbridge Road in Stoneham.

Here’s how the home looked before our renovations and staging:

56 Brookbridge fit the definition of “lived in,” but loved. An elderly brother and sister lived in this home for many years. They inherited this home from their parents and had been the single owners of this well-cared for home for years. But when the brother fell ill, the sister couldn’t live alone in this big home by herself. The time had come to sell.

The sad reality here is that people think they can take advantage of the elderly, and oftentimes — they succeed.  Neighbors came around offering this family an extremely low price. One even offered as low as $200,000 for a home that we priced at $600,000! We make it our practice to treat every home and family as we would our own. We abide by the golden rule: do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

Erica procured the listing and set forth on a journey to transform this home and bring it from 1970 to 2018. Here’s just a snippet of how we transformed this home:


  1. Removed dated countertop and backsplash with new and stylish current trends.
  2. Updated the flooring to open up a more neutral space with fresh hardwood flooring.
  3. Replaced the backsplash with a monochromatic tile to widen the space.
  4. Updated center light to act as a focal point of the room.
  5. Changed cabinet knobs to add a golden contemporary finish.

Here are some standout before and after shots from other areas of the home:

Living Room


Goodbye, blue carpet! Hello hardwood and chic modern decor.



A deep clean was in order. Underneath? Untapped space!



From drab to fab — freshly painted and staged with a new vanity top and hardware.

Master Bedroom


With brighter furniture, less clutter and a modern feel, this space really opened up.

Home Exterior


From average home to luxury single family, we pulled off a major transformation.

In the end, we sold this home for more than $600,000! We transformed what was a shabby single-family to a thriving residence for any stylish buyer. With COVELLE&CO by her side, this seller MADE MONEY — and avoided potentially leaving $200,000 on the table.

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